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C O V E R   S T O R Y




Aurelie is widely acknowledged as the supermodel of Mauritius due to her frequent appearances on the covers of numerous magazines. She is also known as Zendaya of Mauritius. Aurelie attended nearly every high fashion runway event in Mauritius between 2017 and 2019.


Currently, Aurelie maintains a hectic and satisfying life, juggling several roles like modeling, Zumba instructor, motherhood, and being a wife. Her dedication to personal well-being and environmental sustainability is exemplified by her enthusiasm for fitness and eco-friendly living. Successfully managing multiple responsibilities and preserving a well-rounded lifestyle necessitates commitment and efficient planning. Aurelie Peroux is ardently following her passions while also tending to her family and the environment.




KASAA LIFE:  Aurelie, can you please share with us how a model's and a young mother's typical day begins?

AURELIE PEROUX: With a baby, my morning ritual consists of feeding the child, changing diapers, taking care of my personal hygiene, and making meals for myself. While watching the baby, I also undertake household tasks like laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation. I enjoy taking care of the house on my own. I believe it infuses the house with my vitality. 

I play, read, or engage in other learning and development-promoting activities with the infant while I'm doing this.
When the baby naps, I utilize that time to rest, take care of personal business, or run errands. I'll get a babysitter to watch him if I have to go to industry functions, meetings, or castings to connect with designers, photographers, and other fashion industry experts. Time management, adaptability, and organization are essential for both occupations.

KASAA LIFE: What does your breakfast look like?

AURELIE PEROUX: A classic combo of a buttery toast and a creamy cappuccino makes for my ideal breakfast.

KASAA LIFE: How do you balance your diet plan to be in excellent shape?

AURELIE PEROUX: I focused on nutrient-dense foods like veggies, lean meats, whole grains, and healthy fats. I also limit my intake of meat. I keep track of my portion sizes, remain hydrated, avoid processed foods and added sweets, and stick to a consistent eating plan. Regular exercise and attempting to get enough sleep.

KASAA LIFE: What are your sports rituals, if any? Do you like practicing indoors or outdoors? Your favorite locations.

AURELIE PEROUX: I value the benefits of indoor group exercises because they create a consistent, supportive, and energizing environment, particularly at Ennoia Sports & Fitness Club and Ennoia boutique gym  - one of the biggest Mauritius' top sports and lifestyle clubs. My favorite hobbies are Zumba, bodybalance, and bodypump, which help me keep fit and healthy. My commitment is to schedule my sessions in advance because it is an excellent method to stay motivated and accountable. 

KL: When did you fall in love with the ocean?

AP: I think this was in 2018, when I arrived in Mauritius and did my first dolphin swim; this was magical and I’ll never forget it. and I guess I fell in love a second time with the ocean when I started scuba diving and freediving in 2019. This ability to stay longer underwater was amazing to me. And i feel lucky to live close to the ocean, i can’t go back to a life in France.


KL: How did you get back into your excellent shape after maternity?

AP: I was able to swiftly get back to my normal shape. I exercised throughout my pregnancy and started light workouts after 6 weeks of birth. This allows me to maintain my fitness levels and assists my body's recuperation process. I start with simple activities like walking and postnatal exercise, then progressively increase the intensity and length as my body heals and strengthens. I focus on core and pelvic flour, eat nutritious meals, and keep hydrated. Keeping up with physical activity improves my attitude and energy levels during the postpartum time.

KL: When did you fall in love with modeling and zumba?

AP: My earliest dream was to become a model, especially after Miss Mauritius served as inspiration. It's been an incredible journey for me to go from being a model admirer to becoming one myself. Reaching this enormous goal is a testament to my commitment to and enthusiasm for the fashion industry. 
When I experienced the happiness and contentment that come with Zumba in 2017, I decided to take it a step further and inspire others, becoming a teacher. Unquestionably, a love of dancing and music improves the Zumba experience. I can encourage health and well-being while sharing my love of movement and music with others by teaching Zumba.

KL: How do you handle work-life balance as a working mom, wife?

AP: Prioritizing time with my husband and infant has proven to be a successful strategy for my family. So I chose to work once every week. It's all about determining what works best for me and my family's needs.

KL: What is your formula for the ideal vacation/weekend?

AP: My ideal vacation or weekend combines leisure, adventure, and quality time with my loved ones. I have an adventurous approach to travel! I'm more likely to embrace spontaneity, which can result in unexpected discoveries and memorable moments. It's a great way to keep things exciting and explore new places with a sense of wonder and openness.

KL: What are the things you are most proud of, happy about, satisfied with, most enjoyed, or most glad of from the past 10 years?

AP: I'm proud of my academic achievements. I had a wonderful experience with my education in that I was able to realize a dream that I had thought was impossible. Cherishing those years and the opportunities they brought is something I am very proud of. My determination and tenacity have led me on a fulfilling journey.

KL: What advice would you now give yourself when you started your career?

AP: If I could give myself advice at the beginning of my career, I would advise myself to believe in yourself because trusting talents are essential components of success in any field. Confidence in my abilities may help me navigated challenges, pursue novel opportunities, and achieve goals with relentlessness and determination.

KL: What advice would you give someone interested in starting modeling?

AP: Starting a modeling career may be both exhilarating and challenging. Learn about the modeling industry, including the various sorts of modeling and what agencies seek for in models. Participate in pageant competitions to make connections and open up new prospects.
Be professional. Arrive on time, be prepared, and handle yourself professionally at castings, photoshoots, and meetings.
Be resilient: Rejection is a part of the industry, so stay resilient, learn from feedback, and keep working toward your goals.
Remember that modeling can be competitive, consequently perseverance, confidence, and a positive attitude are required.