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The fifth international festival of intellectual sports "Strong Figures" was held in the Moscow region.  

The aim of the festival is to popularize golf in Russia and debunk the myth that this sport is only for wealthy people.

The organizers of the tournament note that this sport is one of the safest. Golf develops the ability to keep emotions under control, focus on goals and think strategically, thinking through your actions several steps forward.

The Strong Figures Festival is an important event for Russian golf. This sports festival has gained fame far beyond the borders of the country.

As part of the event, professionals held lessons for the pupils of the children's golf academy, everyone could attend an open master class, as well as join the game of curlingolf.


The general tournament was won by the team of captain Dmitry Svatkovsky, which included Maria Didier, Vera Markevich, Ksenia Simanovskaya and Sergey Lazarev. Their result in the team tournament was 179 strokes. Sergei Naryshkin's team lagged behind by only one blow - Nikolay and Irina Yudenkovs, Ekaterina Malakhova and Valery Gavrilov played with him. Third place with a total score of 183 hits was taken by the team of the State Duma Deputy Speaker Alexander Zhukov, which included Evgeny Kovtun, Alexei Morozov, Natalya Guseva and Svetlana Zhurova.


In the individual standings among professional women, Natalya Guseva became the winner, who managed to pass the field in 67 strokes. With the result of 70 strokes, Alexandra Chekalina took the second place. Ekaterina Malakhova, who took third place, lost one blow to her.


Two-time world champion and Olympic medalist, figure skater Irina Slutskaya also took part in the curlingolf tournament. She admitted that this was her first experience and she really liked golf. The athlete received vivid emotions from what she saw. The speed skater, bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics, European champion at a distance of 1000 meters Yekaterina Shikhova also joined the curlingolf tournament. The first place was taken by the team of Nikolai and Irina Yudenkov, as well as Vladimir Sedov. The team of Slutskaya, Ekaterina Malakhova and Ksenia Simanovskaya took second place. And the third - Shikhova in a team with Valery Gavrilov and Natalia Guseva.

The owner and creative director of KASAA specially flew from Mauritius to pay her respects to the participants of the festival "Strong Figures".