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The luxury sportswear brand KASAA COUTURE is  embodying all you can expect from French fashion coupled with Russian quintessential elegance. The brand is stylish, sophisticated, with timeless elegance.

KASAA COUTURE - is a luxurious take on everyday sports attire with a bourgeois flair for quintessentially elegant ladies. 

 Founded by gallerist, luxury brand manager Julia Kapitonova-Saada who dedicated more than 30 years to sports, her 10 years to ballet, created in 2018 her first range of functional, feminine “life wear” as a response to her personal busy lifestyles and the need for multi-tasking pieces that could be worn to the gym, outdoor workouts and beyond, consciously. 



Premium fabrics and subtle details blended with a refined taste for flattering silhouettes made KASAA collection desirable and chic, filled with resort essentials for sport that telegraphed a laid-back elegance.