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The luxury sportswear brand KASAA COUTURE is  embodying all you can expect from French fashion coupled with Russian quintessential elegance. The brand is stylish, sophisticated, with timeless elegance.

KASAA COUTURE - is a luxurious take on everyday sports attire with a bourgeois flair for quintessentially elegant ladies. 

 Founded by gallerist, luxury brand manager Julia Kapitonova-Saada who dedicated more than 30 years to sports, her 10 years to ballet, created in 2018 her first range of functional, feminine “life wear” as a response to her personal busy lifestyles and the need for multi-tasking pieces that could be worn to the gym, outdoor workouts and beyond, consciously. 



Premium fabrics and subtle details blended with a refined taste for flattering silhouettes made KASAA collection desirable and chic, filled with resort essentials for sport that telegraphed a laid-back elegance.


All KASAA collections inspired by ballet,  travel are set to inspire movement and carry you through whichever journey you may take - outward or inward, the choice is yours.


KASAA technical fabric is weightless, compressive, which all you feel is your practice. The fabric has fantastic colour fastness and washes well time and time again.

4-way stretch knit made of special blend of nylon and spandex.


The Founder and Creative Director of KASAA COUTURE, Julia Kasaa has been in the sport for more than 30 years, she used to grueling workouts, so her requirements for sportswear are not limited just to colour. Creating KASAA pieces Julia and her team put attention on exceptional craftsmanship, soft and resistant durable fabrics, perfect sporty functionality, combined with a chic and modern aesthetic. Julia spends a lot of time perfecting the cuts, and offers a range of shapes and sizes to flatter different body types. When she designs for KASAA she thinks of her mother, sister, friends. About women of all ages and sizes. Julia wants women to feel comfortable, chic, and empowered. 

Behind KASAA COUTURE are people,  who believe the best way to predict the future is to create it.

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