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On June 26, the Traditional Annual Cup of the President of the Moscow Polo Club took place, which has been held since 2016 on the territory of Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club in honor of the founder and president of the club, Alexei Rodzianko.


The Cup is played between the teams of the Club and therefore always takes place not only in a sporty, but also in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. By participating in the tournament, players express their support and gratitude to the founder for his contribution to the development of this sport.


KASAA LIFE was fortunate enough to plunge into the center of the action and watch the entire game from start to finish. The event was opened by the President of the Club, then the players of all teams were presented in turn.

The owner and creative director of the brand KASAA specially flew from Mauritius to pay her respects to the President of the Moscow Polo Club.


There were two games in total during the tournament. The first (four chakkers) among professionals and the second (two chakkers) among the juniors of the Club. At the end of the tournament, a solemn awarding ceremony took place.


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