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C O V E R   S T O R Y




Just before the new theater season started, we met with one of the greatest dancers appearing on the world ballet stage. She is renowned for her solo performances as Lady Montague in ROMEO & JULIET and Madame Larina in ONEGIN, as well as several other roles in RAYMONDA, DON QUIXOTE, GISELLE, THE NUTCRACKER, THE FLAMES OF PARIS, SWAN LAKE, and other plays. VERA BORISENKOVA, a ballerina, talks to KASAA about her daily activities, the need of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ballet myths and symbolism, her family, and the importance of being a mother.


Videography EVAN SEGA / Styling MILA PROST 

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KASAA LIFE: Vera, please tell us how you usually start your day?

VERA BORISENKOVA: I get up early—usually between seven and seven thirty—and drive my daughter to the ballet school. Like me, she decided to pursue a career as a ballet dancer.
Breakfast is not in my daily schedule. But my favourite is mint tea for breakfast. This is my favorite beverage. I do not consume coffee or black tea. I make an effort to eat twice daily. I attempt to schedule my first meal in the afternoon.

If the weather permits, going for a morning stroll on foot is excellent! At 10 a.m., my day at the theater begins.

A daily lesson that should not be missed or ignored. Every artist does this practice at the same time. It enables us to maintain physical fitness and get ready for rehearsals.

KASAA LIFE: There are myths regarding ballerina nutrition. Please tell us about yours.

VERA BORISENKOVAThese are, thankfully, myths. Ballet dancers, like sportsmen, are highly conscious of their diet. The proper combination and balance Everyone has their own set of habits, both good and bad. For example, I can't sleep without dessert, and a bar of milk chocolate is constantly on my theater table.

KASAA LIFE: Please tell us about your daily sports and beauty rituals, if any.

VERA BORISENKOVAThe body is a very complex and responsive instrument. You always need to listen to him, cherish him, and practice daily. For the body, this is stretching and muscle pumping. I think the best combination of these disciplines for the body is the classic ballet lesson.

KASAA LIFE: Why ballet and why was it chosen?

VERA BORISENKOVA:  It seems to me that I danced all my childhood and imagined that I was on stage. This word ballet already sounds magical. Next were the hands of my parents who helped me not to lose my dream.

KASAA LIFE: What is the most difficult thing in your profession?

VERA BORISENKOVA: The most difficult thing is the daily attention to yourself as an artist. Criticism and iron discipline.

KL: What is your formula of the successful day?


VB: Positivity and a positive attitude.

KL: Is there a particular ballet that is popular? What ballet performance is popular right now?

VB: Fortunately, this is only accepted by people who are uninterested in art. Classical and ultramodern performances can be combined in one evening by true aficionados.

KL: When you observe your foreign coworkers, do you notice a difference?

VB: I can definitely tell the difference. And that's wonderful. We all attend different schools, and the teaching methods used in the first grades vary in terms of presentation, style, and even technique. We encourage one another constantly, share in each other's achievement, and learn from one another.

KL: Giving birth to a child is an accomplishment for a ballerina. How has your life changed since your daughter was born? How do you balance your career and family life?

VB: This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The birth of a child completely alters a woman's personality. 

Unlimited resources and opportunities become available. IGrew in strength, wisdom, and intelligence.

Prioritization must be done clearly and correctly. Accelerate when possible and slow down when necessary.

KL: How soon did you come back?

VB: Two and a half years later, I came back. This is a significant career gap for a dancer and for a contemporary professional lady! But you have no idea how relieved I am that I set my priorities correctly at that very moment. The infant and mother need this time the most, in my opinion. I only want to make one clarification. After giving birth to my daughter, I promptly returned to workout. My arrival at the theater was postponed for this time period, not because of  physical shape.

KL: How long are the performances' rehearsals?

VB: Day and my whole artistic career (Laughs). Every day, you can spend between forty minutes and two and a half hours working on one part. There are occasionally two of rehearsals, and soloists each have three of them. The artist works in the hall for five to six hours on particularly difficult days before giving a performance in the evening. In fact, it's quite challenging!