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If you assume freediving is just like snorkeling (but much deeper), think twice. Freediving is a completely unique approach to experience the underwater environment. You'll dive deeper, stay down longer, and feel like you're a part of the ocean.

Freedivers integrate with the underwater environment. They have spectacular encounters with shy marine creatures and can hear all the noises of the ocean, like fish chewing on coral, the tide throbbing at the rocks, and even dolphin and whale cries! 

Freediving is the perfect way to reconnect to the sea and explore the depths of the oceans with minimal impact. Some people freedive for the personal challenge, but for many, the true appeal of freediving is in the silence and calm it brings to their hectic lives. Moreover, freediving is a unique sport in that it is one of the few in which women compete at the highest levels and achieve comparable outcomes to men. 

After interviewing Olympic Champions and world-renowned dancers, we'd want to learn the secrets of deep diving from Megane Salmon, one of Mauritius' and Tahiti's most famous freedivers.

Lifestyle Photography LAURA MOROSOLI / Undewater Photography JOHAN LETANG



KASAA LIFE:  Megane, would you kindly describe the start of a regular day for a freediver?

MEGANE SALMON: I either exercise in the morning or go for a one-hour morning swim near where I live (Tahiti or Mauritius North) after breakfast in the hopes of spotting some turtles, fish, and rays.

KASAA LIFE: How does a freediver eat their breakfast?

MEGANE SALMONTypically, granola, strawberries, and coconut yogurt are served. I also guzzle a ton of water. 

KASAA LIFE: How do you balance your diet plan to be in excellent health and shape?

MEGANE SALMON: I prefer to eat lunch at a wonderful brunch restaurant on the island. My favorite is Island Babe in Pereybere, which is about 5 minutes away from my Mauritius house. They provide delectable avocado toast with poached eggs. I'm not a great cook, but I enjoy making simple meals at home, such as salad and tofu.

KASAA LIFE: Any freedivers' daily sports rituals?

MEGANE SALMON: I do a home workout program which includes 4 sessions per week. I exercise all the muscles of the body. I also do dry freediving training, it’s dry apnea, on the couch, approximately 4 times a week.