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C O V E R   S T O R Y




When you talk Fashion in Mauritius you think Katia Moochooram. Crowned Miss Earth Mauritius (2015), Face of the Reunion Island Tourism Board (2019 - 2020), Face of Mauritian luxury brands. Business woman, influencer, and Muay Thai Ambassador are just a few words how you can describe one of the most famous faces of the Island of Mauritius, Katia Moochooram.

Photography ERIC LEE / Location MAURITIUS


KASAA LIFE: Katia, please tell us how you usually start your day?

KATIA MOOCHOORAM: For alWell 3 times a week I wake up at 4.30am and start my boxing classes at 5am to 6am. Then I shower, grab my breakfast and head to work. Days on which I do not have boxing classes I usually wake up at 6.30

KASAA LIFE: Share your perfect breakfast recipe.

KATIA MOOCHOORAM: Actually, I have two favorite breakfasts. One of which is the Mango and Papaya smoothie and the other is an avocado toast. The Mango and Papaya smoothie is very easy to realize plus its super healthy. The perks of living on a tropical island is all the tropical fruits we have during summertime. What I do is that I peel my mangoes when it’s the season and freeze them so I get to eat them ALL over the year until the next mango season. I take out a few frozen mango pieces, peel fresh ripe papaya, add some coconut milk (you can add any other non-dairy milk) blend it all. Then I pour the mix in a bowl and add my favorite toppings: rice crisp, cornflakes, chia seeds, granola and coconut flakes. 

And for the avocado toast as well, I absolutely love local avocadoes, I like the creamy texture add some salt and pepper on top and Bon Appetit! 

KASAA LIFE: What sports are you in? And why did you choose it?


KATIA MOOCHOORAMBack in school I was already quite an athletic person, I loved trying all kind of sports back then. About 3 years ago now I started Muay Thai and this was maybe due to watching a couple of Muay Thai sparring when I was in Thailand. From my first Muay Thai class, I knew from now on this is what I wanted to do and make myself better at it. 

I am a very active person and after an hour of Muay Thai training it helps me to be more focused and canalize my energy especially before work. I prefer Outdoors definitely for training and in an actual boxing ring for the adrenaline feel while sparring.