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Beatrice Gilbo, figlia di Eleonora e Claudio Gilbo KASAA COUTURE

Beatrice Gilbo, one of South Africa's most sought-after fashion photographers, yoga and Qigong enthusiast, and daughter of the famous Italian model, actress and TV presenter Eleonora Brigliadori, shares her secrets of wellbeing, favorite locations in one of the most dreamy places, Cape Town, and, of course, about her much-anticipated upcoming yoga retreat in one of the most inspiring places, Greece, with KASAA COVER STORY.

Art Direction  / Photography SEAN FURLONGER

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KASAA LIFE: We know you as a star photographer and yoga instructor who lives and works in one of the world's most beautiful cities, Cape Town. We feel that your photo day may be different from your yoga day... Tell us about a normal day in the life of famous photographer and yoga guru Beatrice Gilbo. What do a photographer and yoga guru eat for breakfast? Do you have any morning rituals?


BEATRICE GILBO: I am not a Guru; I am simply someone who is committed to continuing to grow and learn on the road of Yoga via experience. I like imparting my expertise to everyone who is curious.

Depending on the season, my daily schedule changes.  During the season, I normally get up pretty early. I get up around 5.30 a.m.

I only eat dinner at home. Around 11 am, I eat a smoothie or some vegan yogurt and head over to my laptop to do some editing.

Typically, I like to have lunch at home. I enjoy making Italian food. When the light is ideal, which is usually in the afternoon, I shoot. Throughout the season, I conduct a number of test shootings with models. 

I occasionally have to film the dawn at an early hour, so I alter my practice (my sadhana) to noon. 

I enjoy practicing by myself at home by myself in the wintertime when I have less things to do. . I also prefer to practice later in the morning since I feel like my body needs longer to warm up.

When the surf is nice, I normally begin my days on a longboard on Muizenberg.

I'm now completing my qigong teacher training. Every week, I spend three hours working with my teacher. 

KASAA LIFE: What is Beatrice Gilbo's lifestyle trick for keeping fit and healthy?

BEATRICE GILBO: Paying attention to my body is definitely my secret. I am extremely kind to myself, but I also practice great discipline. Over the past year, in particular, I have learned to be more soft. I believe that my Qigong training has had a significant impact on how I practice Ashtanga as well.

I discovered how to silence my mind inside. After my yoga, I regularly engage in daoist meditation, when I sit in the lotus posture and turn my focus withinI avoid using music in my practice because I try to limit outside stimulus. I haven't had meat for ten years when it comes to dieting. I make every effort to stay away from processed foods and dairy. To prepare my stomach for prepared food, I like to start my meal with a fresh salad, and I use a lot of raw organic olive oil. I add extra olive oil to almost everything, and I am it works like magic. I don't drink alcohol (unless  on very special occasions for a cheer moment).

To be honest, I despite drinking. My body was never happy with the fragrance or the aftereffects. 

Most importantly, I strive to keep a light heart, without harboring any negative thoughts or emotions towards anybody, and to forgive what I don't understand.This is without a doubt my greatest accomplishment in terms of health.

KL: What are Beatrice Gilbo's favorite yoga spots in Cape Town? What are your favorite Cape Town spots for inspiration? What are your go-to spots for a fantastic weekend?

BG: My favorite locations to visit are the beaches, particularly Llandudno, where I live, and the mountains for hiking. Llandudno Ravine walk is one of my favorites. I enjoy surfing in Scarborough and Muizenberg.

You can enjoy a good weekend almost anywhere. The Cederberg is very spectacular and gorgeous, with so many springs and waterfalls, and Misty Cliff is a beautiful spot not far from Cape Town. 


KASAA LIFE: When did you discover your passion for photography? When did you discover your affinity for yoga?

BEATRICE GILBO: I began photographing because I was developing content for my jewelry company, Talisman Collective. After Covid, I chose to stop the company and continue with photography because I was receiving more projects organically from there. I realized I didn't want the responsibilities of running a jewelry company, but I truly adore helping other people feel beautiful via my lens, so I started my own. 

I studied at Afda, a film school, when I was 19 years old, and there I learned the fundamentals of photography.

I am an analogue photographer. My mother introduced me to yoga many years ago, when I was a youngster. Even though she is not a yogi, she has always performed some asana at home since she is genuinely an esoteric person interested in human progress. In Cape Town, I began my own yoga experience. At first, it was just fitness yoga (which isn't even yoga), but then I started reading a book about Ashtanga yoga, learned the sequence by myself, and then joined a Mysore program in Cape Town. I believe Ashtanga was genuinely my initiation to yoga. When I found Yin Yoga, I began practicing with a variety of teachers. I use both methods on a regular basis.
I'm constantly developing and improving my levels. Doctor Lan, my current instructor, introduced me to Qigong and Thai Qi two years ago. All of these techniques are now part of my everyday yoga practice.

KL: How would you define Cape Town and its fashion? What is your own favorite daily look?

BG: The style is super easy-going, relaxed. I'm constantly in a bikini or sportswear, ready to soak up the rays or go on an adventure.

KL: Beatrice Gilbo’s yoga retreats appear extremely motivating and challenging at the same time. Your students can not only discover peace and raise their yoga level, but they can also take remarkable photos home. Tell us more about your retreats, the places you've been, the type of yoga you practice, and what you focus on during your retreats and courses.

BG: My yoga is truly quite simple and easy on the body, while lessons are very supportive. I like to leave my pupils refreshed rather than weary. My yoga practice combines Yin, Ashtanga, and Qigong. These three arts, in my opinion, complete and complement each other so nicely. A soft opening from the floor with Yin, a vigorous strengthening flow based on Ashtanga style, and a caring energetically renewing exercise like Qigong to feel both grounded and light. 

My yoga is actually accessible to anyone. My nearest retreat will take place in Greece, on the beautiful island of Meganisi, where we will immerse ourselves in the serenity of simple life, beginning each day with Yin Yoga and Qigong meditation. Lodovico Tamburi, a renowned Italian chef and friend of mine, will be our chef of cuisine. Daily boat tours to discover the island's unspoiled bays. Finishing the day with some more strenuous yoga and a meal by the sea. I can hardly wait to get there. The villa is absolutely lovely with picturesque view, and it belongs to one of my oldest Roman friends' families. We only have 6 rooms available, and some of them are still available. We will do Yin, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Yoga. 

The emphasis is on RELAXATION. Many of our problems stem from stress and mental and physical rigidity. The purpose of this experience will be to simply RELAX and ENJOY, as I believe our true nature is wonderful when we are not constrained by fear or worry. Looking forward to seeing you at my Retreat!

KL: When is your next retreat? Who can join it, and how? What are the yoga levels? Any website links, Instagram, etc. to contact you.

BG: My next retreat will be held in Greece from June 8 to 11. You can book by DMing the instagram page @Selenewellnessexperience and we will send you all the information from there.

KL: What is your favorite yoga pose?

BG: I don't think I have a favorite yoga pose because yoga poses are only parts of a larger body. Whether you ask me whether I have a favorite body area, I would say no, since I respect my entire body.

But if I had to pick one for significant insights while sitting in meditation, it would be Padmasana. I experienced some of my biggest breakthroughs in my yoga path in this pose.

KL: What is your favorite yoga quote?

BG: I don't have a favorite quote, but these are meaningful to me:  “Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self”- Bhagavad Gita.  “Yoga must not be practised to control the body: it is the opposite, it must bring freedom to the body, all the freedom it needs.” Vanda Scaravelli. “Yoga is a discipline that opens the door to inner freedom.”- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

KL: What advice would you now give yourself when you started your career?

BG: Trust yourself completely, and stop wasting time worrying about how things appear from the outside. Concentrate on the inside. The magic is contained within. 


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Art Direction / Photography SEAN FURLONGER



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