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The list of non-food goods of good quality, not subject to return or exchange for similar goods of other sizes, shapes, dimensions, styles, colors or packaging

(Approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of January 19, 1998 No. 55)


  1. Products for the prevention and treatment of diseases at home (sanitary and hygiene items made of metal, rubber, textiles and other materials, medical instruments, devices and equipment, oral hygiene products, spectacle lenses, items for child care), medications.

  2. Personal hygiene items (toothbrushes, combs, hairpins, hair curlers, wigs, hairpieces and other similar products).

  3. Perfume and beauty products.

  4. Textile goods (cotton, linen, silk, woolen and synthetic fabrics, goods from nonwoven materials such as fabrics - ribbons, braid, lace and others); cable products (wires, cords, cables); construction and finishing materials (linoleum, film, carpets and others) and other goods sold on footage).

  5. Sewing and knitwear (sewing and knitwear, hosiery).

  6. Products and materials in contact with food products made of polymeric materials, including for single use (tableware and kitchen utensils and accessories, containers and packaging materials for storage and transportation of food products).

  7. Household chemicals, pesticides and agrochemicals.

  8. Household furniture (furniture sets and sets).

  9. Products from precious metals, with precious stones, from precious metals with inserts from semiprecious and synthetic stones, faceted precious stones.

  10. Cars and motor-car goods, trailers and license plates for them; mobile means of small-scale mechanization of agricultural work; pleasure craft and other household craft.

  11. Technically sophisticated household goods for which the warranty periods are set (metal-cutting and woodworking household machines; household appliances and appliances; household electronic equipment; household computing and copying equipment; photo and film equipment; telephones and fax machines; electric musical instruments; electronic toys, household gas equipment and devices).

  12. Civilian weapons, the main parts of civilian and service firearms, cartridges for it.

  13. Animals and plants.

  14. Non-periodical publications (books, brochures, albums, cartographic and musical publications, sheet publications, calendars, booklets, publications reproduced on technical media).

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