In fine sunny weather, the eighth annual tournament was held, timed to coincide with the birthday of the Zavidovo PGA National golf club last Saturday. The competition was held in a double scramble format and brought together 96 participants who started simultaneously from all holes.






































During the tournament, special nominations were played out. The most long-range player among men that day was Grigory Lyashko, and the most accurate was Khanyafin Danil. Longest drive among women was performed by Surina Polina, the closest blow to the flag was Natalia Buzdalina.

Basically, all prizes were won by the Club Members. In third place with 63 nett - Alexander Starostin and Alexander Shcherban.

The second place with the result of 61 nett is taken by the spouses Constantin and Jeanne Tarasco.

In first place with a difference of one - Olga and Sergey Lobovs.

The winners received wonderful gifts from partners of the golf club: Audi branded accessories, gifts from the general partner in the banking segment BCS Ultima Private Banking, wine and champagne from the ISSI group of companies, certificates for the purchase of golf goods in Golf Profi stores and clothes of the Italian brand Crow's Eye , certificates for visiting the premium fitness club Atmosfera Private Fitness, exclusive gift editions "From Russia with Love" from the book house "Remark", the most reliable safes from the "World of Safes" company.

KASAA COUTURE has prepared special gift sets of sportswear for beautiful winners. Ruben Arutyunov, publisher and founder of the golf magazine Golf Areo, presented special gifts to the winners.

We are glad to be partners of a wonderful golf club and congratulate the golf club, all players, guests and Club Members with the 8th Birthday of
Zavidovo PGA National!


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