Pilates is a unique training method created by Joseph Pilates in the last century, improved by modern research in the field of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, therefore it is relevant today. According to statistics, more than 90% of people on the planet suffer from back pain. Modern medicine offers a huge number of ways to solve this problem: from physiotherapy procedures to surgery.


What does Pilates have to offer for people with back pain? Can we relieve pain and restore health through movement? We firmly believe that the human body is a self-regulating and self-healing system, and if there is a failure, it is necessary to find the cause and gently push the system towards natural recovery.


To do this, at the first lesson in the Pilates by Milatsa studio, they diagnose movements and identify those movements that can be potentially dangerous to your spine. Now imagine what happens when you move, for example, bending and unbending in the back. The lining of the spinal cord also flexes and unbends! And the nervous system at this moment assesses how much this movement can be potentially dangerous for the spinal cord and nerve roots. The safest movement is one that is evenly distributed over the entire spine, this is the healthy movement that we would like to see in the diagnosis. But, more often than not, everything looks different. A person with back pain has blocked segments in which movement is limited or not at all, this causes excessive movement in other segments (compensation), the nervous system perceives this movement as dangerous for the nerve roots and sends a spasm to the muscles surrounding this segment. From constant tension in these muscles, metabolic products accumulate, edema and chronic pain occur.


Most often, the attention of doctors is drawn to this place where there is pain, but not in the Pilates studio. In the Pilates studio, Pilates by Milatsa looks at the overall movement of the spine and primarily looks for blocked segments. The task is to return these segments to the ability to move and in the future to teach you how to perform spinal movements without compensation. If excessive movements disappear, the nervous system will cease to defend itself and send a spasm to the surrounding muscles, which means the pain will disappear! This way Pilates can help you cope with chronic back pain and get back to your favorite activities! The Pilates by Milatsa studio employs professionals in their field. Polestar Pilates certified trainers.


The head and owner of the studio is a trainer with 15 years of experience, certified trainer Polestar Pilates USA (PMA) Mila Makarova. Mila and her team use cutting edge research and training to improve the quality of your MOVEMENT and the quality of LIFE itself.


To sign up for a starting workout at Pilates by Milatsa, follow the link https://milatsa-pilates.ru/form/ .

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