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C O V E R   S T O R Y




Fencing is a beautiful, noble, and romantic sport. It is, however, an ancient martial art that is both beautiful and dangerous. Fencing is a battle of egos, and composure and nobility are required. This festive season we met with absolutely the greatest family, the world, Olympic and country champions in fencing, world renowned brother and sister - Sofya Velikaya and Trofim Veliky. We talked with them about champions' daily rituals, their formula of success, importance of sport education for kids, family, sport signs, and many more.



KASAA LIFE: Sofya and Trofim, we are delighted to finally have you in our studio in that festive season. We know that you are busy with public jobs, championships and tv shows. We are wondering how your typical day begins, can you please share with us?

SOFYA VELIKAYA: Every day for me as a mother of two children begins with getting ready for school and kindergarten. It is vital for me to embrace and greet my children. Following that, I either train or do something else. 

TROFIM VELIKY: My day starts at 6:30 a.m., when we all brush our teeth and eat breakfast together before I drop my daughter off for kindergarten. On weekends, though, we have a tradition: while my wife prepares breakfast all week, I treat my girls to my grandmother's secret recipe pancakes.


KASAA LIFE: How do you balance your diet plan to be in excellent health and shape with that busy schedule? Is this meal plan distinct from pre-competition nutrition? 

SOFYA VELIKAYAAlthough I aim to eat fewer carbs and more protein and fiber, my diet is well-balanced. I don't use any wheat or sugar. My morning consists of eggs, cereal, smoothies, and occasionally a croissant. The most significant meal of the day is lunch. Dinner options might include green smoothies or a salad with beef. There are no apparent dietary modifications during competition preparation. The day before a competition, I often consume extra carbs, but other than that, nothing changes. I do, however, consume less calories, more water, and light snacks like bananas and baby purees when competing.

TROFIM VELIKY: Food is my weakness. I'm not a believer in right and wrong. Dinner is generally a combination of meat or fish and vegetables, while mornings are always porridge and coffee. Normally, athletes eat more carbohydrate meals on competition days, but I skip breakfast since it is simpler and better for me to execute on an empty stomach. When my energy runs low, I eat carbohydrates to replenish it.

KASAA LIFE: What does Champion’s breakfast look like?

SOFYA VELIKAYA: My favorite dish to make is zucchini pancakes with stracciatella and mildly salted red fish. I create fantastic pancakes in 10 minutes or little croissants for kids. 

TROFIM VELIKY: Porridge with water or coconut milk, almonds and dried fruits, and, of course, coffee.

KASAA LIFE: Any Champion’s  daily sports rituals?


SOFYA VELIKAYA: Almost every day I have a different physical activity, always a light dynamic warm-up, and always stretching after a workout. Now I pay special attention to strengthening the internal muscles and ligaments and doing exercises for balance and coordination. I also try to walk every day in the fresh air for an hour to saturate the body with oxygen.

TROFIM VELIKY: I have sports rituals throughout the day; in the morning, I pull myself up, do push-ups, and play catch-up; during the day, I have 2-3 training sessions in physical training and fencing; and in the evening, I may play tennis.