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She went from being a modern artist to one of the most youngest theater costume designers in the world. Her secret? 

She defies convention by designing classy yet modern clothing for the actors, drawing influence from history and delving deeply into the psychology of each hero. 

The third part of our interview with the legendary YAKUNIN theatrical family is now online, and Anastasia Yakunina talks about her beauty and wellness secrets as well as the value of taking time out in today's busy world to appreciate being a mom and spending time with the family.



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KASAA LIFE: Anastasia, please tell us how you usually start your day?


ANASTASIA YAKUNINA: I just became a mother. My son is now a year and a half old. My day begins with an early wake-up call and kisses. Then there are the standard pre-breakfast rituals: "tambourine dancing" and our favorite game of "catch me if you can." If I get up before the kids, the first thing I do is rush to the shower. The water jolts me awake!

KASAA LIFE: Share your perfect breakfast recipe.

ANASTASIA YAKUNINAEggs in any form are my ideal breakfast! I enjoy making an omelette with cherry tomatoes and seasoning it with fresh herbs and grated cheese. Obviously, it depends on my mood. Coffee or tea go with breakfast, but I prefer herbal drinks or water with lemon.


KASAA LIFE: Please tell us about your daily sports and beauty rituals, if any.

ANASTASIA YAKUNINAI started doing yoga not long ago. Previously, I attempted to perform a complex known as "Five Tibetan Pearls"— a healing breathing exercise that consists of only five exercises and has a positive effect on the physical and energy state of the human body. On all fronts, it's referred to as a healing technique. But things are significantly worse for me when it comes to beauty rituals. 

I'm one of those people who has a single cream for every occasion. Children's creams have recently been used. If I remember to make ice cubes, I like to wipe my face with them in the morning, followed by a facial massage and the application of some kind of cream. I can't even remember what their names were. I buy creams from the pharmacy more frequently. 

KASAA LIFE: You are in amazing shape. Did you play sports as a child or youth? Do you currently play sports? If so, then what type of?


ANASTASIA YAKUNINA:  Of course, like many girls, I always want to lose weight. Exercise and diet are very important to stay healthy. As a child, I was engaged in ballet, folk dance, tap dance, figure skating. These were the sections near my house. I have always been a sporty kid. If I would play sports professionally, I think I can succeed in this field, but there are small obstacles. I am very lazy. My goal now is to reach the shape  I've never seen before. I want to know what my body is capable of.

KASAA LIFE: What kind of music do you like and what kind of music do you listen to?

ANASTASIA YAKUNINA: Ohh, I'm a music lover! I like music. Music is a way for me to live life in my imagination. Music works wonders. It makes you feel, live, create, and finally cry. Music is how I travel into the past, present, and future.I had a jazz period. I was familiar with it. He was close to me in spirit. Then came the era of Russian rock, rap, and electronic music. Music is  always relates to a certain period of my life. 

KL: What is your formula of the successful day?


AY: Even if you are not going to accomplish anything, you still need to plan your day, in my opinion. But this is not about me. (Laughs). I am a man of chaos. And because of my family and my situation, I'm fully absorbed in motherhood at the moment.

KL: What kind of music do you listen to?

AY: Ohh, I'm a music lover! I like music. Music is a way for me to live life in my imagination. Music works wonders. It makes you feel, live, create and finally cry. Music is how I travel into the past, present and future. 

 So it's hard to say what kind of music you're listening to. I had a jazz age. I was familiar with it. He was close to me in spirit. Then came the era of Russian rock, rap and electronic music. Everything  always relates to a certain period of my life.

KL: Tell us about your work in the theater. How does the play begin? Just like with actors - from reading a play?

AY: Yes, from a reading of a play. The artist's work is constantly happening from beginning to end.

KL: What is the most difficult thing about making costumes?

AY: Actors. (Laughs). Here you need to be not only an artist, but also a psychologist. Everyone sees himself in his own way and the task of the artist is to convince each actor, look at himself from another angle and fall in love with this proposed image.

KL: Tell me, how much time does it take to create costumes for the performance, from the very idea to the final result?

AY: It's hard to say. Sometimes the idea comes instantly, sometimes you have to redo the sketches 100 times to get the desired result. It all depends on various factors. It happens that one detail can change the whole concept, and you have to redo everything that has been done. It's a creative process, and that's the beauty of it.

KL: Where do you get your inspiration and ideas for the performance?

AY: It can be anything: a casual conversation, a movie, a song, books, pictures, dreams, life after all. The feeling of the world from a particular work, you transfer it to the stage and create new characters through the costume.

KL: Does the director make any adjustments to the costumes, and do the actors participate?

AY: Of course, everyone is involved, but the last word is still up to the artist, even if the actors and the director do not think so. (Laughs).

KL: If the actor got better for the new season or, conversely, lost weight ..?

AY: The hands of the Sewing department work wonders, if there is a need, the costume can always be modified. (Smiles).

KL: How do you deal with fatigue and keep fit? Are there any exercises or tricks you could share?

AY: I'm not trying to fight it in any way; I just accept the fact that I'm tired and listen to my body. If he wants to sleep, I sleep. If he needs a glass of champagne and to dance, I will do it. (Laughs).

KL: Your formula for the perfect weekend.

AY: First of all, sleep well, have a delicious breakfast, and do activities that make you feel happy. (Smiles).

KL: Tell us about your three favorite books and movies. Why did you choose them?

AY: Letters of  Vincent van Gogh Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh, Mark Levy`s "The Strange Journey of Mr. Daldry", Anton Chekhov`s "The Seagull". From the movies: "The Truman Show", "Amelie", "Life is Beautiful".

It's challenging to decide, of course. How many books and movies have I not read or seen so far? Simply said, these books and movies I choose cause me to experience feelings that are absolutely vital for life.

KL: If you could go anywhere, which place would you choose and why?

AY: I dream of returning to Normandy, to the village of Portbile. I was there once with a group of artists, and I fell in love with this place forever. If I'm lucky enough to be there again, I want to go there with the whole family.

KL: Tell us about your favorite travel route.

AY: I really love Moscow and its energy, but nature is closer to me. I can only recharge myself by being far away from the city and surrounded by nature.

Therefore, my favorite route is by train. I leave for the country field, lie down on the ground and connect with nature.

KL: Tell us about your happiest childhood memory.

AY: In my childhood, Mom used to take me with her to her work and to the theater. I watched the rehearsals and performance in silence every time. The atmosphere of the theater has me completely smitten.

KL: What projects are you working on now? What awaits us, fans of your work, in the near future?

AY: I am completely immersed in motherhood, taking care of myself and solving internal issues that have tormented me for a long time. There was a need to try something completely new, but for this I needed strength, which I am doing now, gaining strength. (Smiles).

KL: The last traditional questions in the blitz survey format.  Tea or coffee?

AY: Tea.

KL: Cinema or theater?

AY: Cinema.

KL: Ocean or mountains?

AY: Ocean

KL: What is your favourite color?

AY: Black.

KL: Sports leggings or bodysuit?

AY: Bodysuit.

KL: Yoga or gym?

AY: Yoga.

Anastasia Yakunina for KASAA COUTURE.jpg
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