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Julia Kasaa, the creator and creative director of KASAA COUTURE, has been involved in sports for over 30 years, so her needs for sportswear go beyond color. Julia and her team concentrated on outstanding craftsmanship, soft and durable fabrics, perfect sporting functionality, and a sleek and modern look when designing KASAA items. Julia takes her time perfecting the cuts and offers a variety of shapes and sizes to flatter various body types. She considers her mother, sister, and friends when designing for KASAA. Concerning ladies of all ages and sizes. Julia wants women to feel at ease, stylish, and empowered.

People who feel that the only way to forecast the future is to create it are behind KASAA .

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While living in Southeast Asia with my family, I felt limited by the activewear available at the time and was seeking highly technical, stylish and adaptable attire that could transfer from my dance and sport practice to my daily life. After studying the best high-tech materials and developing a monochromatic colour palette, together with my team, I created an athletic line that met my requirements, inspired by where fashion meets function with a colour psychology twist and a design that can be ageless and elegant regardless of the season or fashion trends, shares Julia Kasaa.


When I was three years old, I began ballet classes at our local ballet academy. My parents had taken me backstage at the Royal Opera House one day and I saw ballerinas in beautiful gowns standing right in front of me, I still recall how thrilled I was. That's perhaps why I perceive every KASAAwoman as graceful and self-assured, just like a ballerina. I played a number of sports in addition to ballet, which helped me get the knowledge and skills I needed to better understand my body and develop my strength, flexibility and balance. I also enjoy playing tennis, and I've competed in local tournaments ever since I was a child. I found that there is a lot of room for advancement in the sportswear that is already on the market. So, seven years ago, the very first technical KASAA capsule was created using my experience and collaboration with designers, adds Julia.

Versatility: With KASAA attire, you can easily do dance or yoga classes and transition to HIIT or boxing, or you can simply go for a city walk with your friends or enjoy home staycation while still feeling supported, lightweight and elegant.

Performance: Our activewear provides you the self-assurance you need to succeed in challenging life situations.

Durability: According to our clients, our technical apparel is the most washable and long-lasting sports attire they have ever owned. Our items endure the test of time.


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